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P1 Athlete visa for the US questions
Posted On 2/10/2012 12:22:12 AM
Author : deepika
Location : hyderabad
Visa Type : Athletes, Artists, Entertainers Visa (P)
  Hello I am considering applying for a P1 visa to stay in the US, to compete in my sport. The only problem is its an individual sport not a team sport like baseball or soccer. I have the international credentials and accomplishments portion covered but I'm having trouble presenting my need to train and reside stateside in between competitions. Would anyone who's obtained/applied or done some research on the P1 visa be kind enough to share their information with me here? Which sport? How long? Cost? etc...
  Waiting for your reply
--  bharath , Kurnool   
--  sai , Bhopal   
   I got more information from your message, thank you.
--  ravi , Hyderabad   
   Thanks for visiting
--  deepika , hyderabad   
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