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www.wawalive.com is a global website connecting people worldwide and specifically designed to help people find massive information from diverse verticals such as Yellow Pages, Tours and travels, jobs, advertising, latest news, forums, events, classifieds etc.., There are millions of people residing across the globe and every one is interested to ‘Stay in Touch’ with their interests, communities, global wide information with abundant Categories and wawalive.com is the most comprehensive website which supports this need.

WawaLive focuses on Classifieds, Worldwide Media Coverage, Jobs, Resume, Events, Properties, Yellow Pages Listing services and News. Information under these categories can be viewed by country, state, city or by zip.

WawaLive is the Simplest, Easiest and Fastest Place to post your free ads.

Wawalive.com is a platform for employers and jobseekers, to meet and exchange information. You can advertise for a job, search for a job, browse through resumes and submit your resume which would be viewed by people all across the world.

Wawalive.com provides information on properties for sale/rent. Wawalive.net helps you to post your business in yellow page listings in three different enchanting ways such as basic pack, detail pack and profile pack. Yellow page listings of www.wawalive.com can be easily browsed.

You can also become Wawalive.com admin (State admin, city admin or zip admin) and earn more money.
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