Privacy Policy :

Wawalive privacy policy has been documented for the sole purpose of maintaining a harmonious relationship between us i.e., Wawalive and our customers/users. Here in this document users/customers will be referred to as ‘you’, ‘yours’, ‘they’, ’them’ and ‘theirs. Wawalive will be referred to as ‘we’, ’us’, ’our’ and ’ours’. This document will give a better view to our customers/users as to how they can use this website and what are all the policies they have to adhere with, so that they can wholly utilize and benefit from this website.

Intellectual Property Rights

The entire content, images, links, third-party links, site space, graphics are the sole property of Wawalive. We encourage that no one excluding Wawalive recognized team should copy or use the information for whatsoever reason it might be. It will be deemed illegal if you are using any of our website resources for whatever the concern might be.

Third-party links

Our site Wawalive contains links to third-party. The third-party members are the ones with whom we are interested to do business with (or) on the other end, they that is third-parties are interested to trade with us. When you as a user register with our site and use our services or even post your business ads, then chances are third-parties might also show interest in your business for obvious reasons. It is upon you to go further with third-parties or you can also restrain from them. The decision entirely depends upon you. Once you are in tune with third-parties then you should note the fact that because you are interested in their services, you will be handled as per their standards, policies and business procedures. In no way will Wawalive be held responsible.

Your Personal Data

Your personal data that is your contact and other relevant details that you provide us when you register with our site can be used for important notifications. Wawalive will utilize your data for activities that may interest you such as upcoming products and services that you are looking forward for, promotional activities such as launch of new products/services, business fairs, advertising activities etc.,. We will see to that your personal details are not used for any unproductive purposes. Our team will maintain the code of conduct, but if by any chance your personal details are being misused then we should not be held responsible. But again if you really want that your information should not be shared by anyone other than wawalive at whatsoever cost it might be, then with your consent will we go forward, as to whether to share your personal information or not.

Your Account

You can add, modify or delete your wawalive account, which you have been provided with once you got registered with Wawalive. As Wawalive provides you the necessary details to use your account, it entirely depends upon you as to how you use your account. We expect that as you are working with Wawalive brand, we will use your account for productive and constructive purposes only and not otherwise. However, if we find that you are using your account as to otherwise should not have been used, then we can take necessary action against you.

Information and Data Security

All your information that you have shared with Wawalive will be provided with utmost security in terms of using stringent security mechanisms. However if by any chance due to any technical flaw, the security setup doesn’t work for a while, then we should not be held responsible. Our team will try their level best to maintain utmost security standards.

Confidentiality of your information

In some scenarios, there might be certain situations wherein you want to maintain complete confidentiality of your information, and you might want that your information can only be accessed by Wawalive and no one else. In such cases, we take complete responsibility to see to that some or all your information depending upon your needs is held complete confidential.

Right to Withdraw

If at any point of time you feel that you want to withdraw your business ads and doesn’t want to go further with Wawalive, then you can do so by simply contacting our team, and thereafter they will do the needful and see to that your account is withdrawn.

Policy Changes

If need be the policies written in this particular document may change in a future period of time depending upon the company standards. We encourage you to read the privacy policy frequently so that you will be updated on all the policy changes. Our team on the other end will also see to that all the registered members who have got registered with Wawalive will be contacted through mail to know about the necessary changes in the privacy policy document.

Policy changes for countries

Wawalive is currently being fully functional in India, US, UK and Australia. Hence, based on the country where you reside, there might be slight changes in the policy document. Rest remains the same as mentioned above. The rules, policies and standards will be applicable based on the country where you want to do your business.

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